about us

Entice Me connects users and suppliers to each other


Entice Me lets every user looking for new experiences and tailored offers ask for exactly what they want.

Describe exactly what you’re looking for – where, how, when, what, with whom – and Entice Me sends those requests directly to suppliers.


Suppliers receive requests from users and tailor-make offers and bespoke experiences that best match their services.

Which suppliers can join Entice Me?

  • All food & beverage service providers, from cafes and bistros, wine farms and restaurants, to bars, clubs and more
  • All accommodation suppliers
  • Tour companies and individual guides
  • Adventure, Experience and Safari companies and guides
  • Cultural tour operators and service providers

Who benefits and how?

1. Users benefit by receiving tailored offers & experiences which they specifically requested. 

2. Suppliers benefit because they can manage how much they spend on Enticement bundles, which requests they respond to, and what they offer – the entire process is cost-managed lead generation in which the spend & margin is always managed by the supplier.

Who benefits? Everyone. Everytime.